Remote External Pressure Relief Valve

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Remote External Pressure Relief Valve for SPX Series RACE USE Pumps

Quick Overview

The SPX2510 is designed to work with PSC SPX Series RACE USE Power Steering Pumps with a disabled internal flow control/pressure relief valve.

This product is NOT compatible with conventional power steering pumps that are internally pressure regulated.



  • The adjustable relief valve provides a way to prevent over-pressurizing the power steering system and bleed off fluid back to the reservoir tank.
  • The cartridge relief valve is preset to 1650psi and can is adjustable after installation if required.
  • The valve block features a test port that allows a pressure gauge to be installed to check the power steering system operating pressure.


  • Pressure Line: #8 (3/4-16)
  • Return-To-Reservoir: #6 (9/16-18)
  • Pressure Test: #4 JIC Male