Power Steering Serpentine Pulley 6 Rib 5.5"

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Trail-Gear Power Steering Serpentine Pulleys - 6 Rib 5.5"

Our 5-Rib and 6-Rib Pulleys are designed to fit Power Flow power steering pumps and other power steering pumps with a .665”-.667” shaft. They are made out of 6061-T6 aluminum and anodized black for a clean look. The diameter bore is .662 and can be used for any TC-style power steering pump or any other power steering pump with a .665-.667 shaft. This pulley also features a groove on the outside of the pulley for easy removal using a pulley removal tool.

Serpentine Pulleys are the perfect choices for your LS motor or any other high power motor. 

  • 5-Rib pulleys are available with an effective diameter of 4.5” [114mm].
  • 6-Rib pulleys may be used with either 5-Rib or 6-Rib serpentine belts and are available in effective diameters of 4.5” [114mm], 5.5” [140mm], 6” [152mm], and 6.5” [165mm].