6” Double Ended Ram

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6 Inch Rock Assault Double Ended Ram - RAM ONLY

Through years of research, development, and testing we at Trail-Gear have developed our double ended ram to meet the tough demands of top level rock crawling competitors and the toughest trails in the world. Based on our experience we knew exactly what we wanted in a ram, and what we didn't.

Most rams on the market only have one rod seal.  We started with the primary and secondary rod seal to insure that fluid leakage would never be an issue. We also included two wiper seals in our design to make sure that dirt and debris stay on the trail and don't get into your steering system. In addition, we designed our ram with a Triple Lip Piston Seal for consistent steering with no drift or fluid bypassing the piston.

In true Trail-Gear style we also had to make our ram the strongest on the market, so we added a feature that you will not see on any other ram on the market.  We designed ours with a piston wear band and a rod bushing.  The bushing allows the rod to absorb much higher side loads. We also machined our piston shaft out of a single piece of 4340 chromoly. Other rams on the market use a two-piece welded or threaded piston shaft that can fail under severe loads.

Our Double Ended Ram have a 6", 8", or 10" stroke x 2.25" bore x 1.125” rod.  The cylinder has a black zinc-plate finish while the rod has 3/4x16 female threads on each end and is made entirely out of 4340 chromoly material.