Evans Power Cool 180 - 5L

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Waterless Engine Coolant for performance cars.

For use in performance car engines and associated cooling systems fabricated from aluminium, aluminium alloys, steel and copper components.

Eliminates OverheatingEvans Waterless Coolants have a boiling point above 180°C and will not vaporise, thus eliminating overheating, boil-over and after-boil.

Prevents Corrosion - Water promotes corrosion via oxidation and electrolysis - Evans Waterless Coolants contain no oxygen and are virtually non-conductive effectively preventing corrosion.


Stops ErosionEvans Waterless Coolants stop cavitation and eliminate liner and cooling pump erosion.

Freeze Protection - Evans Waterless Coolants freeze below -40oC

Non-Toxic - Evans Waterless Coolants are proven to be Non-Toxic.